Jagwire | Mountain Pro Disc Brake Hydraulic Hose Quick-Fit Adaptor for Hope Banjo, Mini Trial, Mono

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Mountain Pro Quick-Fit kits allow the easy installation of Jagwire hose with Hope disc brakes.

  • Kits contain enough hardware for both front and rear brakes
  • Requires Jagwire Mountain Pro Universal Disc Brake Hose Kit for installation
  • Compatible with Hope Tech 3 X2, E4, V4, Race Evo X2, E4, M4, Tech Evo X2, M4, V2, Race X2, Tech X2, M4, V2, Mini, Mini Trials, Mono Mini, Mono M4, 6TI, Moto V2, M6, Hope Banjo
  • Model: Hope Mountain Pro Quick-Fit Kits
  • Brand: Jagwire
  • QBP #: BR0457
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HFA701
  • UPC: 4715910030011
  • Imported
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