Pedro's | Bike Lust Silicone Polish and Cleaner

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Pedro's Bike Lust is the best way to get your ride looking like new again. Simply spray Bike Lust into a clean rag and wipe the muck and grime away to reveal a sparkling clean frame! Pedro's Bike Lust can be used on a variety of surfaces such as the frame and components (including carbon and matte surfaces); however you should avoid braking surfaces and pads (if you plan to stop, that is). Bike Lust features a biodegradable cleaner that will remove dirt and grime and dries into a polished coating that protects against UV damage, dirt and water. Aside from getting your bike showroom ready, Pedro's Bike Lust also helps when seating tires on tubeless setups: simply polish the inner surface of the rim with Bike Lust prior to installing the tires to provide a slippery surface, allowing the tire to seat easier and with less pressure (although, you'll still want to avoid the braking surface if you are using rim brakes).

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