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SIDI needs no introduction when it comes to serious performance and serious comfort for serious riders. With as many features as the SIDI Level boasts, it's no wonder why this is SIDI's best-selling shoe. It starts with the caliper buckle with a two-way ratchet that makes it effortless and convenient for on-the-bike adjustments with incremental tightening and loosening. Breathable and agile, the Level features a synthetic upper with cooling mesh panels, and a padded tongue that disperses pressure evenly to keep the top of your foot pressure point free. The SIDI Level Carbon Shoes are specially tailored for women. The tapered last mimics the natural shape of a woman's foot shape while also complimenting the narrower ball of the foot. A narrower heel cup and less volume in the instep area ensure a perfect fit for women. SIDI paired the Level Carbon shoes with their Millennium 4 carbon soles for more rigidity than the standard nylon sole. The external reinforced heel cup stabilizes and supports the heel, with an anatomically shaped plastic design that keeps its figure, reducing heel slip and optimizing power transfer for when you need to crank out the wattage up the switchbacks.

  • Women's specific fit
    • Tapered last mimics a women's tapered foot shape
    • Narrower across the ball of the foot
    • Less volume in the instep area and a narrower heel cup
  • Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening
  • High Security Velcro® won't shift or slip
  • Synthetic upper is water repellent, quick-drying, breathable, permeable to water vapor and abrasion and mildew resistant.
  • Made with a Politex eco-friendly material
  • Sidi Heel Cup stabilizes and supports the heel to reduce heel slip and increase power transfer
  • Replaceable polyurethane heel pad
  • Millennium 4 Carbon Sole
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