Stan's No Tubes | Arch MK3 Rim 29 32h Black

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Stan's looked to their Enduro World Series teams when they redesigned the Arch rim. The Arch MK3 rim is 3g heavier than the previous Arch Ex but gains almost 1.5mm in width. The Arch MK3 rim is now optimized for modern trail tires that run 2.25-2.5" in width.

The Arch MK3 rim uses a new WideRight design with an internal width of 26mm. The WideRight design gives a larger air volume without distorting the shape of the tire's thread pattern or sidewall so that the side knobs are in the proper position for traction while cornering. Proper tire profile on the rim also means the sidewall can do its job at protecting the rim by absorbing impacts and reducing the chances of a pinch flat. 

Stan's rims are known to be some of the easiest to set up tubeless thanks to their BST (Bead Socket Technology) bead and internal rim profile. The Arch MK3 rim can be setup tubeless using 25mm Stan's TapeStan's Valves and No Tubes Sealant.

Arch MK3 rims have a max rider weight of 230lbs and a max PSI of 36 with a 2.5" tire.

  • WideRight 26mm internal width
  • BST tubeless ready bead
  • Tape, valves and sealant not included
  • Average weight 453g
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